“Ben Èideann Fìonain … celebrate with a deservèd sip of this most heavenly of drams”

Our Story

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Tasting Notes


After years of ageing in American bourbon casks, our whisky has spent its final months in extra special Cabernet Sauvignon red wine casks from vineyards in the Jerusalem Mountains. This has crafted a remarkable dram with the Muscovado sugar and vanilla notes of the bourbon casks intertwined with the robust forest fruits of the Jerusalem red. There is no other like it.

Scottish Single Malt

Our whisky is made in the time honoured traditions of Scottish Single Malt Whisky. Only the finest malted barley is used in a two stage process of distillation in copper pot stills.

Jerusalem Casks

This expression has had a unique extra-maturation in Cabernet Sauvignon red wine casks, specially sourced from vineyards located in the Jerusalem Mountains.

Badatz Hechsher

The Edah HaChareidis is renowned for the highest standards in rabbinical Kosher supervision. Our whiskies are the first ever Scottish Single Malts to have the Badatz Hechsher. Accept none other.